Redwood Reunion 2013



Reunion Photos

Here we have photos from Redwood School Reunions. I will happily add items to the page. My email is


Dan Ward & Max Tripplet

Vivian Burroughs Middleton, Gloria Crapps Gunn, Valetta Martin

Vivian Burroughs Middleton & Joy Sanderson Dupuy

Vivian Burrough Middleton

Raymond Sanderson

Pete Martin

Mike Ouzts (Culkin & Jett)

Melvin Oakes and James Coley

Pat and Mel Oakes

Max Tripplet

Max Evans, Leroy Evans, & Ray Sanderson

Max Tripplet and Mel Oakes

Max Evans

Max and Leroy Evans

Pete Martin, Dan Ward & Lamar Thomas

Pete Martin, Max Tripplet, Lamar Thomas, Betty Jean Thomas

Lonnie Wooley

Lonnie Hollowell

Lewis Miller Jr.

Lamar Thomas, Joy Edmonia Sanderson Dupuy, Betty Jean Thomas

Lamar and Betty Jean Alderman Thomas

Lamar Thomas and Ray Sanderson

Betty Jean (Alderman) and Lamar Thomas

Keith & Frances Keen

Keith & Frances Keen

J. W. Wright (Jett) & Dan Ward

Johnny Griffin

Johnny Franklin

Jane (Keen) and Johnny Griffin

Clara and John Oakes

Clara and John Oakes

James Coley and Dan Ward

James & Vera Smithhart Hearn

Jackie Bounds Stewart

Jack Cooper

Hassie Smith (Jett)

Bob Hardy and Ted Porter

Dorothy Griffith, Lonnie Wooley, Gloria Crapps Gunn

Frank Owens

Frank Owens and Bill Jones

Floyd Oakes, Jack Cooper & Coach Dorman

Emma Maddux Marshall & husband, Billy Gene Wright

Douglas Jernigan

Doug Jernigan & Vivian Burroughs Middleton

Doug and Bobby Jernigan

Dot Dorman

Dorothy Griffith

Dan Ward and Coach Dorman

Diane Hearn Beauman

Coach J. C. Dorman

Coach J. C. Dorman

J. C. and Dot Dorman

Chrisler Fuller & Carroll Warnock

Peggy and Chrisler Fuller

Charles Hintson

Charles & Cecille Hintson

Burl Warnock

Bobby Jernigan

Bobby and Martha Jernigan

Bobby & Gail Wells LaHatte

Bob Hardy

Bob Hardy and Ted Porter

Bob Hardy & Betty Oakes

Bob Hardy

Bill Jones

Dot Dorman, Bill Jones, and Pat Oakes

Billy & Shelly Smith

Betty Terrell Oakes

Betty Oakes and Charles Shive

Alex & Jeepy Shires

Ted Porter and Leroy Evans

?, Douglas & Jeanie Dick, Joni Matthews in black.

Sally & Pat Thomas (Culkin) Lonnie Hollowell in red shirt. Neil Thomas (Culkin)

Mel Oakes and J. C. Dorman

Coach J. C. Dorman

Coach Dorman, Caretaker of Dormans, Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Mel Oakes, George Brown and Bob Hollowell

Floyd Oakes and Ted Porter

Ted Porter, Betty Oakes, Bob Hardy. Bill Jones and Pete Martin at end of table. Pat Oakes in red at right.

Dan Ward

Dot Dorman

Lamar Thomas

Clara Hearn Oakes and Charles Hintson

Dan Ward, Johnny Griffin, Lamar Thomas, Max Evans