Redwood Reunion 2011



Reunion Photos

Here we have photos from Redwood School Reunions. I will happily add items to the page. My email is


Redwood Group Picture

Jett School Group

Jett School Group

Hazel Mallett and Lonnie Mallett Ervin

Paul and Beth Fields

Emma Lee Marshall & ?

Gene Thompson

Diane Hearn Beauman

William Brent & Jack Pace

Sonny Keen & Richard Bounds

James Oakes, Mona & Sonny Keen

Molly & James McCluskey

John & Clara Oakes, Vera & James Hearn


Sally & Ted Porter, Dot Clark Griffin

Bobby & Martha Jernigan

Doug Jernigan, Ray Sanderson, Bobby Jernigan

James Coley & Dot Alderman

?, ?, Anita King

?, Cecil & Joyce King

Martin & Betty Martin Pace

Alex and Jeepy Shires

Ronnie Matthews

Dot Clark Griffin

Donny Weaver


Glooria Crapps Gunn

W. C. Alderman & Ted Porter

Joyce Ferguson Grey

Ted Porter, W. C. & Dot Alderman

W. C. Alderman & Margaret Young Rose

Thomas King

Hilbert Shires

Cecil and Joyce King

Anita & Robert King

Robert and Anita King

Ted Porter & Floyd Oakes

James & Molly McCluskey

James Oakes

James Oakes (back) and Floyd Oakes

Emma Lee Marshall

Diane Hearn Beauman

Gene & Shirley Brewer Thompson

Thomas “Lonnie” Wooley

Vera & James Hearn

Johnny Rowland

Sylvia & Thad Shires

William Brent

Beth and Paul Fields

Paul Fields

Tippy Bourgoyne, Frances Sibley, Max Evans & Douglas Jernigan

Charles Hintson

Peggy Fuller & Cecilia H.

Chrisler Fuller

Chrisler Fuller, Charles Hintson, Peggy Fuller, Cecilia Hintson

Richard Bounds

Audrey & C. T. Thornton, Joni Mathews & Betty Oakes

Frank Owens, Floyd Oakes & Max Triplett

Frances Sibley & Tippy Bourgoyne Culp

Vera Smithart Hearn

Ted Porter & Sonny Keen

Betty Oakes, Sally Porter & Margaret Rose

Sonny & Nona Keen

Betty Terrell Oakes

James Coley, Max Triplett, Floyd Oakes, ?, Lonnie Wooley, Ted Porter

Ruby Hintson Bounds

Martha Jernigan

Douglas Jernigan

Ray Sanderson and James Coley

George Giraud

Bobby Jernigan, Max Triplett & Ray Sanderson

Floyd Oakes, Margaret Young Rose & Ted Porter

Max Triplett

Ray Sanderson, Billy Gene Wright & Max Triplett

Stephen Bounds

Max Evans

Ray Sanderson

Joe Wooley

Thomas “Lonnie” Wooley

Pete & Carolyn Hearn

Pete Hearn

Sally Porter Hearn

Frank Owens

Peggy Fuller

Chrisler Fuller

Sally and Ted Porter

Chrisler and Peggy Fuller

Ted and Sally Porter